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Novotek TankFarm LLC was built on the standard of exceptional service, reliability and trustworthy relationships- all while keeping the client's confidentiality in mind. Years of successful business have made us a force in the community that is recognized from our management team experience.
During the last two decades, Novotek TankFarm LLC has become the world’s second-largest company in this competitive field. Its clients include private and state oil companies, refiners, petrochemical companies, and traders in petroleum products and chemicals. By nature we have a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction. Often we develop and operate our business with reputable local, private and state-owned companies around the world, whereby Novotek TankFarm LLC acts as operating partner in the joint venture.
Novotek TankFarm LLC has been a leader on the Russian Federation tank form construction market for the last two decade, in which time the Company has built and renovated a huge variety of structures and facilities, and commissioned millions of square meters of new tank farm. Novotek TankFarm LLC now holds a third of the construction market in the Russian capital.
Between the world’s oil fields and the users of derivative products, independent terminal networks like perform vital connecting services. Independent storage terminals are not owned by the clients they serve and do not own any of the products they handle. We employ a decentralized management structure in which each facility functions as an autonomous Profit Centre.
Novotek TankFarm LLC serves as a trustworthy custodian of valuable products. To business partners, the company offers the proven ability to manage terminals profitably. In developing capital-intensive terminal facilities alone—or with substantial local business partners.
To further improve our shareholders value we continue to employ a strategy of controlled growth of our tank terminal-based service network through acquisitions, new buildings and upgrading of existing facilities.


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